Q & A

Q & A                                   


Q1- How much does it cost to clean a disc?

A. Based on a one minute cycle which can repair over 80- 90 % of surface damage, it will cost around 8 cents per disc (including freight) when purchasing a Value Mega Pack deal. This Mega Pack can repair up to 4000 discs, making the DISCMATE the most economical machine in the market.


Q2-What are the machines worth and is there a payment plan?

A. Current pricing is $2499.00 + Gst, however we do run monthly specials.

A. Yes! We offer finance through a company called Flexi Rent which have very competitive rates and finance options to suit everyone.


Q3-Can the machine repair Bluray/Game Discs

A. Yes! The good news is the DISCMATE micro abrasive technology together with its dedicated Bluray/game disc program, has been fully tested to repair this cover layer 10-12 times from light to medium damage.


Q4-What maintenance is required with the machine?

A. Minor Service (Carried out by owner) every 100Hours/ 3 Months. The disc drives, disc clamp heads and polish transfer tube will need to be replaced, A simple kit available from our website.

A. The unit has an inbuilt Cleaning Cycle (CC) for flushing internal polish pipe work recommended to be carried out once a month.


Q5-How often does the machine need to be serviced and how long will I be without the machine?

A. The DISCMATE has an inbuilt service alert set at 1000hrs (Return to Manufacturer), we would expect 2- 3 days not including transport time.


Q6-How does it clean and get the scratches out of the disc?

A. The repair process the DISCMATE uses, is a specially developed liquid abrasive, which also acts as a cooling agent throughout the process. The repair cycle works by gently removing small amounts of material while keeping the discs cool to avoid any disc tilt. All of this process is automatically controlled by a micro computer and this allows less operator involvement.


Q7-How often do we need to change the polish?

A. The DISCMATE has an inbuilt polish alarm, each cartridge will give the operator 250 minutes of repair time.


Q8-How long does it take to clean a disc?

A. Of course this is not a simple question to answer, due to a various level of damage that can occur. However on a general note 1-2 minutes will repair 80 – 90 % of damage.

So we advise that a well implemented maintenance program should be put in place and this will allow the operator to save time and money.


Q9-How often do we change the cleaning pads and what do they cost?

A. Each polish pack comes with its own repair pad which is rated for 500 Minutes.


Q10-Will it be cheaper if you buy more than one machine?

A. Yes! We do offer an incentive for customers who buy more than one machine per order.