BluRay Facts


As you can see from the image below there is massive difference in the repairable layer between a DVD and Bluray.  A Bluray has the disc cover layer thickness of 0.1mm,  which is the thickness of a strand of human hair. That means it has a limited repair life!  A DVD disc and most other formats have a 0.6mm cover layer which can be repaired........many times!!!!

Due to the hard coating on the Bluray disc..They CANNOT be repaired on our previously manufactured multi stage sanding based machines..

IE: The Disc Wizard Series 2 and 3. While these are great machines for DVD formats , and in their day were the industry standard and our best seller.. their repair process is now out dated technology. 

This is the also the case with the VMI Venmill machine which cannot repair Bluray ..only buff as stated on their on website.

The good news is that the Discmates, mirco abrasive technology together with its dedicated Bluray program, has been fully tested to repair this cover layer 10-12 times from light to medium damage.  If a Bluray disc suffers really heavy damage the chances are it will not be repairable, or at least can only be repaired once. Because the information layer within the bluray disc may have been damaged.

So we advise that with Bluray a well implemented maintenance program be put in place,  this also applies to other disc formats which can save time and money.