Benefits of owning a DiscMate..

  • Australian Made and supported..
  • Commercial grade unit ..
  • Repairs two disc at the same time..
  • Can repair up to 120 discs per hour..
  • Based on single stage technology..(no changing pads)
  • Fast, simple, turntable style disc loading system..
  • Cartridge based consumables..
  • Featuring reduced settling polish technology..
  • Low running costs not just advertising spin..
  • Dedicated BluRay repair program..

Lets talk about Saving Time and Money....

Congratulations for considering the DiscMate that is based on a single stage repair technology, this simply means the longer the unit runs the more damage it will repair ..Together with a well implemented maintenance program this will save you time and money.

So based on a one minute cycle which can repair over 80% or more of surface damage. It will cost around 8 cents per disc including freight and gst , when purchasing a value mega pack! This mega pack can repair up to 4000 discs, making the DiscMate the most economical machine in the market.

The DiscMate is simply a time saver..repairing two discs at once! This is a very effective machine to be used for serious disc repairs.

We will not fill your head with empty promises or use advertising spin! We stand by our Australian made product backed by market research with a strong customer service team, that is focused on a quality product and proudly manufactured in Australia.

Get serious about your disc repair........Get the DiscMate!